screaming into the void





i’m making an album and i’m pretty happy with it so far. it’s called viola swamp and it’s about 20 minutes long, even though i’ve been working on it on and off since april. some days are so boring.

what is good in life is that i have the time to focus my energies on what i think is important, namely political organizing and songwriting. i’ve been doing a little of both recently. what is bad is that i am usually broke, usually lonely, and usually aimless. i like my house and my neighborhood. i think both suit me well. they give me privacy but keep me in touch with the world. i miss being in love, which makes me feel dumb because that’s such a wallowing sentiment. i’m really happy that summer suffer season has gone and that the northern hemisphere is getting more comfortable for me. i hate sweating because i am mostly vain.

am i conservative for thinking that music will never be as good as it used to be or has music lost all of its humanity?

it’s not the same at all

goodbye troubles